Tea for Valentine’s

Our family is pretty big into celebrating each holiday or special occasion together. It usually results in my Mama (Julia) making a big, yummy meal and inviting the family over where we exchange gifts, cards and spend some quality time together. This year,  with the flu hitting our household, it looked a bit different. So,  I went into town to grab some treats, flowers and cards and set up a tea party. We’ve been obsessing over golds and pinks for a little while now and what better occasion than Valentine’s Day to take advantage of that. I didn’t go overboard while setting up for this occasion because I wanted to make it a simple look and an easy clean up with the very little time we have between sickness and the baby. Near the bottom are some beautiful gifts that were given to me from some local boutiques.

My Valentine’s Day was a bit different this year with just having a baby 12 weeks ago. We celebrated Ollie’s first Valentine’s Day and boy, do we sure love him a bunch.

Love, B


J Mug- Chapters/Indigo

Gold Spoons- The Cross Design

Heart Wrapping Paper, Teapot, Milk, Sugar- Homesense

Napkins, Plates-Superstore

Thumbprint Cookies (yum)-Harvest Store & Cafe

Macaroon Trinket box & bow earrings- The Button Box Boutique

Ceramic White Heart- Winks 

My First Valentine’s Day onsie- Carter’s



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