DIY Mini Bouquets for Mother’s Day. 

Flowers are a nice gift for most occasions, but it can get expensive if you have a lot of people to buy for. We hosted a brunch yesterday for some family members so I was trying to think of something pretty to make for them. I came across a few different ideas that I liked, but I had limited time, especially with my little man. So, the day before I went out to grab supplies to make some mini bouquets.



Supplies needed:

•Flowers ( I picked carnations, freesia & baby’s breath)

•Tissue paper

•Kraft paper or wrapping paper




Step one: Seperate stems into how many bunches you would like, arrange them and trim them. Use Elastic to hold them together in place.

Step two: Cut Tissue paper and kraft paper into squares. Start by wrapping the bouquets in the tissue paper and then the kraft paper, placing it slightly lower than the tissue paper.

Step three: Tie a ribbon around the bouquet. (I also added tape to hold the kraft paper together in the back.)

Step four: Give out as a gift. 🙂_MG_3906

I used mine as a decor piece on our place settings for a Mother’s Day brunch and then each family member got to take one home.

Happy Thursday!

Love, B



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