My 1st Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day was one of my favourite days, ever!

It started off at midnight when our friends and myself got a text saying the Northern lights were happening. We jumped onto our porch where we could see them flickering along the mountains. We all kind of freaked out with excitement (okay, maybe just me), grabbed our babies, camera and headed for Lake Minnewanka in Banff. I’ve seen them a couple times before, but never this strong or clearly and didn’t get a chance to photograph them before. Seriously, the BEST start to Mother’s Day. I could have watched them all night long, but we had to get the babies back to bed, I was so glad I could grab a few photos before we left.

When I woke up I was treated with some breakfast, coffee and a few gifts. One being from my parents, another from Steve and Ollie. I was very spoiled.

But the fun didn’t stop there! Next, we headed to Quarry Lake/Dog Park, where I set up Ollie’s TeePee and some other local favourites including his outfit for a styled shoot I had been dreaming of. The wind started to pick up so we didn’t have much  time but were able to capture some photos of our babies and ourselves with them. I do spend a lot of time photographing Ollie, other families and styled shoots so it is nice to be in some photos with him because he is growing up too fast!


We finished off the day with some take out, treats and Game of Thrones. 🙂

Thank you to Melissa and Olivia for always being up for a photoshoot! ❤

I hope all you Mama’s out there had a fabulous day! xo

(Scroll down for outfit and prop details)

Love, B


Photography: Beth June Photography

Teepee: Domestic Objects

Adventure Awaits sign: Homeworks Etc. 

Ollie’s Shirt: Whistle & Flute Clothing

Ollie’s leggings: Kewe Clothing 

Ollie’s Shoes: Minimoc



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