At home with us

Gooood morning!

A few days ago, Steve, Oliver, Jax and I did a mini photo shoot at home. Oliver is growing up so fast that I wanted to capture some shots at home with him before he was mobile. And of course, now, he has started crawling as I’m writing up the post. Good timing! Ollie turns 8 months in a week and a half and I can’t help but think his birthday will be here before we know it. I take a lot of photos and videos of Ollie that hopefully he will appreciate as he gets older, I know I will and do. I mean, who doesn’t love looking back at photos of themselves or family members with those ridiculous hairstyles and clothing?

I had this vision of getting all these cute, cuddly pictures with him, but he isn’t typically cuddly unless he is VERY tired or in an unfamiliar setting so we just went with how he was feeling. Luckily, we got a few shots of him staying still with each of us. We tend to spend more time outside as a family since we live in the mountains, but getting some family shots in our home was a nice change.


And, a few pictures of Ollie because the faces he makes right now are just too much for me to handle. 😉

Love, B


Photos: Beth June Photography






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