Ollie’s Room


I have dreamed of having babies for a long time and when we became pregnant last winter with Ollie I spent a lot of time daydreaming, planning and prepping a nursery for our little bundle due in the fall. I didn’t know the gender of our baby until about week 19 but I wanted to keep the nursery pretty neutral anyways. We live in a small space in the Rockies so I wanted to have a cozy, woodland theme to it. I went back and forth on colours, but eventually went with a lot of whites, greys, and hints of brown and mint. Like I said before, we live in a small space so we were doing the baby’s room into a nursery/guest area which is why we have a daybed in there. I also wanted a spot to cuddle up, read and sleep in his room. It may not stay this way because we are learning pretty quickly that these mini me’s have a lot of stuff and we might be better off putting in more storage and a comfy chair instead of the daybed (tear). It is probably one of my favourite spaces I have ever decorated and one of the best places to hang out.

I wanted to fill his room with lots of products that were local or Canadian and handmade by other Mama’s so I spent many months collecting some of my favourites. Steve also surprised me with a painting for above his crib from a friend that is amazing! I would still like to add a few things like a pair of his Minimocs in a frame hung up on the far left wall, a growth chart and one more wall lamp but I am very happy with the result thus far.

(Scroll to the bottom for details/sources of the local products)



Love, B



Adventure Awaits sign: Homeworks Etc.

Antler print: Kait Creative

Lion Plush: Emily & Merritt

Owl & Kitty: Jellycat

You are our greatest adventure sign: AllyBethDesignCo

Three peak mountain: Trae Designs

Robins Egg Mocs: Minimoc

Antler Mocs: Minimoc & VonBon

Marquee O: Michaels

Oliver blocks: Bloom & Bliss

Blue Polka Dot blanket: Petit Pehr 

Baby Book: Mushybook

Owl Painting: T. Kelly Art

Deer Head Hook: West Coast Kids

Cloud Garland: Made myself

CANVAS Kingsley Ceiling Pendant: Canadian Tire

Crib: Stokke 





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