Emoji Teen Birthday

Yes, I planned a teen birthday party for my 15 year old bro. Yes, I have a 15 year old brother. Yes, he has the best sister in the world. Okay, maybe he wouldn’t go that far, but maybe he will babysit or something. Wishful thinking? Probably.

Anyways, a couple months back on my birthday, he reminded me his birthday was only two months away and went on to telling myself and my parents what he wanted to do. I asked him if he trusted me to plan and organize it and he surprisingly said Yes. So here we are. I have to say it was really hard planning a party that was very colourful. I mean, it was lots of fun, but I usually go for more neutrals or pastels, but I’m sure my brother appreciated it. (Insert wink emoji)

We kept the decor to a minimum because I knew the water was going to get everywhere. I added an Emoji theme as well to keep it fun, silly and relevant to their age. We provided lots of easy snacks and treats to keep them satisfied.

Him and his friends love those Bunch O Balloons, you know the ones that make like a hundred balloons in a few minutes? Super cool but kind of make a big mess, so we came up with a game for whoever cleans up the most gets a prize. The prize actually ended up being for all of them because it was a big slip and slide. You’re welcome, Mom and Dad! (Insert laughing emoji)


If you are planning a Teen party in the summer and have a backyard I would suggest making it water themed like we did. We had water balloons, a pool set up, a slip and slide (my gift to him) and these water sprayers we found at the dollar store. They were entertained for hours with all of those and all the games they came up with. Plus, it kept them outside and active. (Insert cool emoji)


Happy Birthday Baby Bro! (Insert heart eyes emoji)

Love, B


Styled/Photography: Our Hearts and Homes

Emoji Balloons: Heather and Gem Events

Emoji Plates & Napkins & Water sprayers: Dollar Store

Banner and emojis in frames: Made by myself

Water balloons: Bunch o Balloons




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